On the sewing table and Made in the USA

As I’ve said, I have plenty on my sewing table and I’m just about done with my third version of the Colette Clovers.  I made two muslins, one was meant to be “wearable” but the fit was still so far off, I only wore them to make adjustments.  I’m hoping that the third version will at least fit well enough that I can wear them.

BBC news was on as I was working on seam finishes a couple of nights ago and there was a quick snippet about the Olympic uniform controversy.  Apparently, Ralph Lauren designed them, but they are made in China.  I looked into it a little further and found a good article about it in the Los Angeles Times that depicts a wide range of  reactions by many in the garment industry.  I’m reminded of an old HBO documentary, Schmatta: Rags to Riches to Rags.  It explores the garment manufacturing business in the United States and how it’s essentially non-existent anymore.  Designers are pretty much forced to produce garments overseas if they have any expectation of making a profit while still keeping prices (somewhat) accessible.  I wonder if the recession and the downturn in the European economy will change any manufacturing for the better or worse.  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’m hoping to get Simplicity 1880 made soon.  I was excited to see that Sunni was hosting a sew-along, she’s an AMAZING seamstress and I love everything she makes.  But, I couldn’t get my act together in time.  I am excited to see everyone’s creations though, I’m sure it will give me the inspiration I need to get going!  I’m also planning to sew up a Sorbetto soon, using some strange fabric I ordered online.  Have you seen this with fabric?  Where the design is split down the middle?

I did not know it was like that when I ordered it.  No wonder it was on sale.



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