I’ve been thinking a lot about fashion and style lately, and the topic seems to have come up a lot on some sewing blogs.  Sunni has a great post about it on her blog, Fashionable Stitch.  I can’t say that I’ve ever been particularly fashionable, but, up until about two years ago, I definitely had a particular style.  It also happens that I started to learn how to sew two years ago.  You would think that the cause of the former would have been the latter, but, I also happened to get pregnant at the same time I was learning to sew.  So, for the next 9 months (or, more like 7, after the first trimester) I lived in maternity clothes.  I was excited to whip up a bunch of cute maternity outfits but my fatigue and endless before-the-baby-comes obligations prevented that from happening.

I thought I would get back on track sewing up the loads of cute dresses I had planned on making once the baby was born, I had 3! whole months of FML before I had to return to work and infants just sleep all the time, right?  Unfortunately, my little guy did not sleep.  He had lots of health issues from the get go, nothing life threatening, but enough to make him VERY uncomfortable all the time.  Suffice to say, I ended up NOT going back to work but becoming a full-time caregiver.  I am very lucky that we have the means to do this, but I can’t say that the total lifestyle change hasn’t been challenging and has also changed my “style” as for as clothing goes and my sewing plans quite a bit.

Before becoming a stay at home mom, I worked in an artistic, non-profit office setting.  I got to wear dresses and skirts (my favorite), to casual slacks and jeans on Friday.  This gave my wardrobe a lot of room for variety and I was thankful for that.  Now, the dresses and skirts don’t really have a place in my everyday wardrobe but I don’t want to cut them out completely.  I’m excited to discover my new style through my sewing as I continue to discover this new phase in my life.  I have a feeling I’ll need to become proficient at sewing knits.

That being said, I have a lot of separates on my sewing agenda and I recently made up a wearable muslin of grainline’s scout tee.

This is my first time sewing sleeves!  I’m a big fan of Jen’s (grainline) style and patterns.

Because the style is pretty loose and casual, I didn’t need to make any fit adjustments.  I’m excited to make up a couple more of these, maybe a using some drapier fabric

I am just about to complete the FOURTH attempt at some clovers.  Pants might have been a little beyond my skill level, but I saw SO many cute versions on the internet, I couldn’t help myself.  My fingers are crossed that the fourth time is a charm.


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