cake or one of (what will be) many plantain tops

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It’s 7:13 AM and I’m dreading the arduous task of getting myself and two kids dressed.  It seems silly to worry or even think too much about a quotidian, essential task but we will spend the whole day in whatever outfits are chosen and that’s important.  Not only will it mean our comfort (or lack thereof), in our hyper-exposed culture, it is the story we tell upon meeting anyone new.  I don’t mean to say that clothes tell us EVERYTHING about a person but, whether we like it or not, they are a first impression.

In my former line of work, clothes, or “costumes” as they are more appropriately named in that field, were thought about, labored over, designed for months.  It was important to tell the story of a character through their appearance, and clothes were meant to resonate their personality, their mental space on that day and time.  Not that I think that deeply about my outfit choices on a daily basis, but I do think about it.

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I began sewing because I wanted to have greater commitment to the conversation I was having through my clothing.  There is something very satisfying to me to be able to create from beginning to end, a garment that I will wear again and again.  As I’ve transitioned in my life, both with career (going from two jobs to stay at home mom) and body (pregnancy and nursing), I want to be able to create a wardrobe that tells the story of who I am now.

There is a lot of talk in the sewing world about cake vs frosting, a metaphor I love because it works so well.  I am in the cake part of wardrobe building, lots of knit tops and pants.  I was working on fitting the clover pants forever ago and then I got pregnant again so had to put that on the back burner.  I am now working my way through the craftsy class, Jean-ius with Kenneth King, and thus far, I’m loving it.  

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I’ve been sewing up knit tops, and right now my favorite is the plantain top by Deer & Doe.  I made it up in and incredibly soft cotton jersey from Girl Charlee and, while I had a bit of trouble because I cut the fabric slightly off grain, I was able to finagle my way into (almost) matching stripes.  

I have two more knits in my queue to sew up in this pattern and pants on the way.  Even though summer is still heavy in the air, I have fall sewing on the brain, and with limited sewing time it’s never too early to start planning for the upcoming season.  I have my eyes on the hudson pant pattern from true bias and the minoru jacket from sewaholic.  We’ll see what the season brings.

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4 thoughts on “cake or one of (what will be) many plantain tops

  1. Cake or frosting!?! Both!! My daily style is dress which many would consider frosting. I want to make more knits but I am so picky about knits. Your Plantain is darling.

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