Chambray Scout Tee opener

Chambray Scout Tee

August is a free-for-all month.  The fall, winter, spring is filled with school, holidays and so many activities it’s hard to break away from rigid schedules.  When school lets out in June, the summer activities swing in full force.  But somehow, come August, everything grinds to a halt.  Summer camp is over, school hasn’t yet begun, even the activities that go on all year, storytimes and special events seem to hold their breath for thirty one days so we can all regroup. 

chambray scout full length 2

My kids aren’t in school yet, but I still feel the disorderliness of August.  I often like it, we can choose to do whatever we want on whatever day we want.  This means that, when we’re dressing in the morning, I have to wear something that’s all encompassing: comfortable, not too casual, and easily matched with other items (in case I get some kid detritus on one item and have to change).

chambray scout back 1

I have made another scout in the past and I love how simple the silhouette is.  I decided to make one up in a chambray that I found at Haberman’s several months ago.  Chambray is such a lovely fabric, it’s comfortable, light, simple, and perfect for a piece in my August wardrobe.  I knew it would also transitions well as it’s easily layered under a chunky sweater or over a light knit t-shirt or even under a structured blazer for a little more put together look.

chambray scout pocket

I added a self drafted pocket and changed the hemline to make it a little more visually interesting.   I love Grainline Studio patterns because they are simple, you can make many garments from one pattern, even altering some thing here and there is relatively easy.

Sadly, August is already drawing to a close and I am in the midst of sewing pieces for my fall wardrobe.  I am not looking forward to the cold weather, but I love all the fleece and wool that fall clothes have to offer.

chambray scout side 1


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