2015, where did you go?

It’s safe to say I’ve failed at the blog game…at least in any typical sense.

Things I’ve learned:

  1. I have a tendency to want to do things perfectly or, at least, like a professional or not at all.
  2. I want to be able to learn by reading as opposed to doing and thus tend to not get anything actually done (sewing-wise).
  3. I am actually a private person so I have difficult time with the blog/social media world.

I lieu of all the things I’ve learned it seems a bit contradictory that I would “soldier on” (so to speak) with the blog.  BUT, I am constantly getting inspiration, ideas on what patterns to use, places to buy fabric etc from other sewing blogs so I’m hoping a can make my way into that community.  Forgive me if my posts are simple or boring, I’m trying to forgive myself for imperfection.

I want to share some garments that I made last year that have become staples in my wardrobe.  First, grainline’s scout tee in a knit:

DSC_1104The knit fabric was purchased from girl charlee (one of my favorite sites) over two years ago.  I didn’t make any adjustments to the pattern from when I made it up in a woven and I love the fit.

DSC_1116Now that I’ve worn it several times, I would increase the hem on the bottom of the shirt as it tends to curl up.

DSC_1107It’s still a pattern that I reach for whether I have a knit or woven, I love that it’s so versatile.

I also made up a “sweatshirt” from a semi self-drafted pattern using the Built By Wendy “Sew U Home Stretch” book.

DSC_1213I used a double knit fabric from Vogue.  It’s nice weight and hasn’t pilled as much as some of the other knit fabric I have but the polyester in it sometimes bothers my.


DSC_1170Hope to get more makes on the blog soon!